Welded constructions – Individual. Precisely. Reliable.

We support industry and manufacturers with our individual welded constructions. In so doing, we translate drawings provided by our customers into perfect products.
Our in-depth practical experience has enabled us to develop comprehensive expertise in mechanical engineering and welding that converts into production-related design and construction optimisation on our customers’ behalf.

Through our extended workbench we are able to offer completet soulutions – if demanded – including mechanical prossessing.

Our manufacture

  • Single-part and series manufacturing of welded constructions for gear manufacturing, engineering and special machinery
  • Optimization of welding designs, for example from casting parts to welding constructions
  • Machining

Our machinery

  • CNC-flame-cutting machines
  • Press brakes
  • Sheet metal shears
  • MSG-, MIG/MAG- and WIG-welding equipment
  • Drilling, milling abd turning machines

gearbox housings

Gearboxes are the basic requirement for drive and power transmission. Shafts, gears, bearings and seals are connected in a housing which has to meet high quality requirements.
The manufacture of these welded gearboxes is one of our core competencies. Our machine park, our qualified employees and many years of experience ensure high quality and on-time delivery.

We would be happy to support you with a single-part production (special machine construction) or with a possible series production. Regardless of the geometry, we offer split welded housings up to a total weight of 45t.

Special machine construction and
welded spare parts

Our welded products are regulary used in spechial machine construction. We work very closely with our customers to ensure a smooth process and successfull implementation.

We also use our qualified employees' welding know-how for our own in-house mechanical engineering projects.

We also benefit from our flexibility in the area of ​​spare parts. It doesn't always have to be an expensive new part. We have the opportunity to repair many damaged or worn machine components by welding.

CNC flame-cutting

With our own CNC flame-cutting machines we are able to cut all standard materials up to a thickness of 280mm in one part.

Quality standards

Quality doesn't just start with the manufacture of the product.

Already during the offer phase, we deal intensively with your design, materials, manufacturing options as well as testing and quality requirements. Through regular certification according to DIN EN ISO 3834-3: 2006, our quality management system is continuously improved in order to always meet the high quality requirements of our customers in the future.

Contact us

Always flexible, always available. Contact us. Your personal contact partner will always be on hand with professional advice. We are located centrally in the industrial area "Scheuren" in Solingen-Merscheid.

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