Enquiry number:SOLD - 390230
Machine type:Two-Roll-Straightener
Area of work:Depending on material's yield strength :
up to 350 N7mm2 = Ø 10mm up to Ø 50 mm
up to 750 N/mm2 = Ø 10mm up to Ø 36mm
up to 1250 N/mm2 = Ø 10mm up to 25 mm
Feed direction:left to right, right to left
Speed:Frequency controlled, up tp 20m / min
Brand:SSS Schmitz
Type:ZWRP 50
Year of construction:2015
Length:1.000 mm
Width:900 mm
Height:1.100 mm
Weight:approx. 3.000 Kg
Country of origin:Germany
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